Style 1231
Natural Scanglow
Female Mink Coat
Length: 54"
Style 1903
B.A. White Female Mink
Coat with Shadow Fox
Trimmed Hood, Reverse to
Length: 52"
Style 1858
Natural Ranch Female Mink
Coat with Natural Russian
Sable Trim
Length: 48+
Style 1898
Female Mink Coat
Length: 52"
Style 1029
Natural Demi-Buff
Mink Jacket
Length: 29+
Style 1489
Female Mink
Style 1383
Natural Blue
Iris Female
Mink 7/8 Coat
Length: 39+
Style 1883
Milk Grey Dyed
Sheared Rex
Rabbit Jacket
Length: 28+
Style 1750
Chinchilla Dyed
Sheared Rex Rabbit
Jacket with Fox
Collar, Reverse to
Length: 30"
Style 480210L
Red 100% Cashmere Cape
with Black Dyed Fox Trim
One Size. Also available in
Green, Whiskey, and Black.
Style 9561
Dyed Plucked Mink Cape
with Crystal Fox Trim
One Size. Available in
Whiskey, Black, and Brown.
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