Lori and David
Dear Lori,
On September 3rd, 2016, we will
celebrate 35 years together.  You
mean the world to me.  Without you,  
I would be nothing. I will always be
there for you as you are for me. You
always know what to say and do to
make me feel the best. Your loving
thoughts and actions, your warm
smile, and you unending love for me
make me realize that I have Heaven
here on Earth.
 I love you with all
my heart.
Happy Anniversary.
All my love forever,
Hello My Love,
It's hard to believe it
has been 35 years. It
really does seem like
yesterday. When I
close my eyes, I can
see our Wedding
Ceremony as clear as
if it was happening
right now. So many of
our  family and
friends are
gone...Mom, Tom,
Bill, Uncle Joe, Aunt
Rose, Aunt Cookie
and Uncle Stan, but I
still remember them
there. What a great
night it was. At
8:20p.m., we became
one, to be together
for Eternity. You are
my Soul Mate and I
will forever
Love you,
my Dear.

Happy Anniversary
Forever In
Love With