Hunch Furs
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Style 1076FX
Brightener-Added White Female
Mink Coat with Shadow Fox
Length: 52"
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Style 1792
Natural Scanglow Female Mink
3/4 Swing Coat
Length: 38"
Style 1719
Whiskey Dyed Semi-Sheared
Knit Mink Poncho
Style 1896
Natural Blackglama Female
Mink Hooded 7/8 Coat
Length: 40"
Style 1754
White  Knit Rex Rabbit Scarf
Dimensions: 70" x 15" With
Style 1754
Natural Demi-Buff Sheared
Knit Mink Scarf
Dimensions: 70" x 15" With
Mink Colors; Black,
Mahogany, Demi-Buff, and
Style 1159
Red Degrede Dyed Sheared
Mink Coat with Dyed Chinchilla
Collar and Cuffs
Length: 52"
Style 1652
Black Dyed Super Sheared Mink
Coat with B.A. Chinchilla Trim,
Reverse to Silk
Length: 52"
Style 9561
Mahogany  Dyed Plucked Mink
Cape with Crystal Fox Trim and
One Size. Available in Whiskey
and Ranch Colors.
*** Best Seller ***
Style 1783
Bleached White Knit Rex Rabbit
Jacket with White Fox Collar
Length: 23" Available in
Lavender Color.